Project Management Resolutions for 2020

How are you going to motivate yourself to improve in the upcoming year? What are your Project Management Resolutions for 2020? Build the list of KPIs for the new year.

Hey Crizpers, this is the last day of 2019 and I would like to suggest composing a motivational statements for the upcoming professional year. Let’s build some resolutions that will inspire to grow competitively, creatively and individually. Cheer up and take away.

Integrate throughout the Project

Integration is a mother board of Project Management. It helps to travel smoothly from one phase to another and to progress efficiently throughout the project from initiation to closure. I suggest taking into consideration the opportunity to plan the integration of project phases into each other as a separate activity.

Project Management Resolutions for 2020

Let’s build a ceremony of moving from one phase to another so that the team could sense the progress and be able to define which phase they are currently in to put the relevant efforts accordingly. This could be a meeting, a mailing or a post in the project blog. Just let them know that you are not stagnating, but moving forward with their help progressively.

Scope Checklist

Another opportunity to push up the progress is to build the Scope Checklist. As you are aware, one of the Project KPIs is to deliver the work according to the project scope.

Put a list on the ‘fridge’ and check every feature from it during the project progress. Once a feature is implemented, fill the checkbox. Let your team see how the scope is burning up or down depends on your taste, and how much closer the project finish is.

Project Roadmap

Another move to visualize the progress is to develop a Project Roadmap. This could also be implemented as a part of the integration management and could be exploited as a team motivation tool.

Build a project timeline, pinpoint the milestones and outline the deliveries within every section. Use it together with the scope burn down to map the scope and time progress and to optimize the team performance accordingly.

Count your Funds

Another major KPI among the scope and time is the project cost. These are the three wales the world of the project is standing on. Keep these KPIs for your Project Management Resolutions.

Put the funds graph to the motivational board too and keep your eagle eye on it. Build one more burn down to map the progress and to ensure the team has enough funds to close the project efficiently.

Track Risks

Seek for risks, forecast them and create the response strategy. Best is to define the way of how to utilize the possible risks beneficially for the project.

Minimize the negative risks probability. Analyze the assumptions, define the risks, quantify them. Exploit the positive risks and stay away from the negative ones. Keep in mind how the Risk Management works.

Implement Quality

Here we are with the high standards and top-notch levels. Recall our chat about the project quality. I am proposing to implement quality into the projects. Work on the quality implementation together with the integration activities.

As for the take away-s, make sure that quality is clarified for every project and that you have the stated standards to compare with. Quality should be a part of the company culture and the team is working towards keeping the errors away from the customer’s hands.

Spend time with your Team

Human is one of the most valuable resource on the project. Do not neglect it, invest the time in your Team. I bet this will be one of the best investments for the projects success.

Take a moment to grab new techniques and to build a new motivational strategy in order to keep your team on track and to inspire them proficiently for the best performance.

Spend some time on building the trustful relationships with the people you work. The projects are delivered by people, thus it is the powerful engine of every project.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is paramount. All the interactions are built through the communication channels. Ensure you have enough ways to communicate with the stakeholders, or to be able to develop new paths and approaches to reach out to the people that are engaged in the project.

Develop the communication strategy and implement it into the integration procedures. Without communication the information will not be delivered and all other efforts could become useless. Communicate wisely and strategically.

Peal of Bells

To close 2019 I would like to tell you about one tradition. In Spain when the clocks are coming to 12AM on the New Year Eve people are eating 12 grapes. You need to eat a grape every bell before 12AM starting from the first peal. This tradition has come from 1908. That year was very fruitful and the king decreed to share the grape with people.

If you manage to swallow all 12 grapes by the midnight all 12 months of the new year will be happy then. This is quite challenging. But what a PM loves more than new challenges?

Fruitful Year

I wish all the months of 2020 will be happy and fruitful for your professional path. I wish the new KPIs and Resolutions will support your success in Project Management. Hope all your goals will be met, all the new heights will be reached, and the 2020 year closure you will meet with no Zombies in your closet.

Happy New Project Management 2020 Year!

Let me know what do you wish to aim in your professional path in 2020? And what traditions do you support on the New Year’s night?