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Project Management Sandbox

When I earned my PMP, I realized, there are few resources that explain complex professional language is simple words.  I felt a huge demand in knowledge sharing. Project Management is so much FUN and I wanted to show this to all.

In 2019 I started this blog and since then I am a Content Creator. Further, my blog turned into a YouTube channel full of Project Management Tips and Career in TECH growth hacks. You are welcome to surf my channel! 

project management sandbox
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Getting People into TECH

100% self-made in my role, I started in tech from scratch with no computer science background and degrees in the non-tech fields. Lack of self-confidence and a victim of bias – I have been in these shoes myself.

These days I am working with people around the globe, leading teams and delivering cool products. This is possible – I have proven that to myself despite the obstacles. 

I am passionate about mentorship and knowledge sharing. There are a lot of talented females and humans who want to get into TECH and need guidance. Understanding that I can help and make a difference is a rocket fuel to me! 🚀

Communities where I am mentoring: WomenTech Network, RigaTech Girls, Women in Tech. 


Community Motion

2021 Speaker at WomenTech Global Conference

Session: Career Roadmap for IT Project Managers. Tethys:

1. IT Project Manager Career Journey – common steps you can map
2. How and where to get the new experience for upgrading your career
2.1. How to level up when you are a Junior
2.2. How to level up if you are at the Middle stage
2.3. Options to move on when you are a Senior

2021 WomenTech Global Awards Finalist

Category: WomenTech Network Community Award (Top 25)

2021 WomenTech Global Awards Finalist

Category: Diversity & Inclusion Officer| Role Model

2022 WomenTech Global Awards Finalist

Category: WomenTech Network Community Award (Public Voting)