How not to Run Wild Staying at Home

Are you struggling with isolation while being surrounded by the house walls? Let’s talk about how not to run wild staying at home.

Hey Crizpers, according to the current world situation many of us are staying at home nowadays. I have already pushed an article with insights on how to transfer form the onsite to the home office. You can check the tips on how to start working remotely here. However, despite the fact that many of us are working from home now, we are still deprived of entertainment and the professional growth opportunity in our spare time. What could we undertake in order to stay tuned and not to lose our effectiveness and inspiration? I am going to suggest the ways to keep staying tuned and also I am asking you to share your tips on this too!

What is it for

Stay at home

Today we are forced to change our lifestyle and to modify our habits in order to stay safe and to keep others safe. This has brought a huge impact on our social lives and professional paths. Many people are struggling with the social problems, missing the regular activities, trying to manipulate the currently available space and resources. This is a hard time, especially for those who have been forced to pause their professional activities and now are locked in four walls. 

Similar to you, I am also staying at home and I am starving for the activities that I got used to before. This is a ruff examination of the personal and professional qualities and for supporting us I am going to share the activities that I am taking now not to run wild while staying at home. I hope this will give you some ideas on what you can do for diversifying your daily routine. And also, I hope you will share your hints on this topic too!

Invest in Yourself

Goals Review

Can you recall the resolutions for 2020 that we have prepared at the end of the previous year? I bet this plan might require changes now. All of us are facing a challenging scenario in our lives and now need to develop a modified plan. Time to do that.

Take your resolution and conduct a precise review of the goals and objectives that you have set for yourself before the new year has started. Imagine that you work on a strategy for your company. While checking the goals, estimate the current opportunities and the possibility to reach them within the reality. There is a chance some of the goals will require to be postponed or modified considering the now-a-days storyline. However, on the other hand you might have a positive risk that other goals you have been considering unrealistic have now become more feasible (remember, not all risks are negative).

Besides, in a view of the current world state I am calling to look with the eyes wide open to your situation from all of the possible perspectives. Especially from those you have not been looking before. Consider the global tendencies, analyze your career. Maybe you will find a not-obvious opportunity that is now open for you. Use this thought and plan for your future.


Another opportunity for your time these days is education. Might sound prosy, but this is a chance to start learning something new, something you need for enhancing your career opportunities, or for evolving yourself. Get back to your resolutions, review the goals for this year and pick the ones where you need to study. This is an hour of triumph for educational opportunities. 

invest in yourself

Take the time you have and invest it into education for reaching out the goals set for the year. If you have been planning to get certified, start to study now. If you have been planning to change your career path, start to study the new skills you might need for it. This is an awesome chance to turn your life 360 degrees for a better path.

Should you have planned to maybe take another degree, it is also a good moment for doing this. Many universities are offering a remote education and it is not worse than an onsite opportunity.


Guys, I know there is a sceptic position about the online conferences. Especially, as such events prevent a possibility of the face-to-face communication with the speaker afterwards. 

However, as an experienced supporter of remote collaboration, I am calling you not to skip a chance of joining such events.  

First of all, everything is moving to remote ways of cooperation. Frankly speaking, the industries that are capable for offering remote opportunities will win more points further on. As we are now trying to move from the onsite office to the home office, and anyway trying to get used to this remote-working atmosphere, taking part in the online conferences is a great chance of adaptation. 

Moreover, many well-known organizations are currently offering virtual events. For instance, PMI is providing such a possibility and you can check it out here.


This might sound wild, but let’s be strategically pragmatic and try to get as many benefits from the current world scenario as possible. For instance, let’s get certified online. Isn’t it a great time saving and a valuable contribution to yourself? 

For instance, I heard that various organizations like Salesforce and Six Sigma Online are providing a possibility of the online certification. From my point of view, this kind of effort is always a great investment in yourself, in your career and professional path. Especially if the benefit you are aiming to get is applicable to various industries, like Project Management. 

Giving Back

Besides the chance of self-investment, this period offers a possibility of sharing your mastery with others. While having a moment to observe your knowledge and wisdom you can grasp the areas you are mostly skilled and experienced in. Or simply the subjects you enjoy most of all. Probably this is an exotic craft, or a rare level of proficiency in some industry.. And here is a consideration. Why not sharing this with others?

giving back

You could arrange a course by yourself, set up a meeting for your peers, start a blog or a YouTube channel. Any way you pick to release your capability would work well. Additionally, this will work as a great motivation lever for everyone who is willing to join your world and to give something positive back.

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Let me know what you do not to run wild staying at home these days? And what is your plan for passing this world scenario through?