How to ask for a Promotion

How to boost up your career? When and how to ask for a promotion? Let’s think how to increase your chances in hitting the target?

Hey Crizpers, today let’s conduct a little workshop on how to make a next step in your career path. I would like to touch base on the opportunities of boosting up your professional life. Let’s discuss when it is appropriate to ask for a promotion. And what is important, how to ask for a salary increase. Besides, we will define how to compose an assessment report to level up your chances for success.

When the Time Comes 

In the real world no-one knows when a new opportunity pops up and when you could grad and use it. However, should you work towards the desired position, you would need to plan your steps.

To be transparent, there is a little to less probability of getting a promotion and a salary increase instantly. You would need to wait a bit more than a couple of months after you were hired. Unless you have already discussed this nuance initially.

People expect that you are taking over you position and accepting the conditions consciously. They think the offer corresponds to your needs. Therefore, this might not be a proper moment to ask for a promotion right after a trial period. 

I would consider it as realistic after at least six month or a year you are happy together with the company. Obviously, you should not have a negative feedback or a bunch of screw-ups in your record. 

However, despite the time you have decided to move on to the next gate, it is essential that you will be the one who should initiate this action. As a person responsible for your life, this would be your sphere of interests to work on your career growth. Therefore, do not wait that someone will give you a kick. Define the right time and kick it off yourself. 

Is it a Right Moment? 

For the Company

how to ask for a promotion

How to define the request will hit right in time? Firstly, check out the overall situation in a company. Are they looking for a new professional at this moment and if your skills correspond with the desired position requirements? Frankly speaking, in most cases companies would prefer to evaluate an internal resources rather than taking a fresh meat from a market. This is cheaper and easier. They will not need to spend time for the familiarization with the company culture and procedure. Besides, a person from the inside already knows the structure and peers, so this would facilitate the collaboration. 

Another important nuance, is to clarify what is the current company financial situation. If there are any issues with funds, there is a huge chance that a salary increase request will be rejected. Maybe a good move would be to preliminary discuss your idea with HR or Operations, or with your manager. They could provide specific insights from their end.

For You

Make sure you possess and demonstrate all the necessary skills and experience that are required for the position you are interested in. If you are just considering a chance of the salary upgrade, are you an extraordinary specialist in your area of application? How much value do you bring to the company with your professional input?

Further, be honest with yourself and define whether there are any negative feedback or fails behind? If so, how have you overcome them? People would like to see not only an excellent professional, but a reliable person they could count on. So you need to be the one who is taking over an accountability and who is serious about the promises given.

There is one more vital point. Have you recently done anything significant? Have you just completed a high-profile project, or maybe earned a new credential, or a professional certification? Perhaps you have engaged a valuable client or a new perspective partner? Think of it carefully, I am sure you have something under your belt.

Be Prepared 

When you have verified all the points from the list above, found out that you are more than simply suitable for the new position and have a recent accomplishment that will add more points to your candidacy, it’s time to move on. 

Here is one of the most important moments that I have studied through the years of my experience. No matter whether you have initially planed a long-term relationship with the company, record all your achievement and success stories. It is important to write them down. I assure you it would be almost impossible to recall all the great things you have done even after a 6 months period. Besides, such diary would be either helpful for a promotion, or for your resume in future. 

Achievements evaluation

This is a right time to take that journal from the underneath of your bed and to include this record in the evaluation document. Take all the significant actions and skills that correspond to the current and desired jobs, map them together for getting a powerful evidence. 

Time for Evaluation 

Let’s think of the best way to compose your evaluation form. There is a chance your HR or Operations manager has some template. Or perhaps they could give an advice on how would it be better to create an assessment paper. Nevertheless, I am still sharing some advice on what to include in the appraisal report.

As we are considering this opportunity from the project management perspectives in general, I would suggest focusing on the main Project Management KPIs. List all the projects you have managed and build a resume with all of them. Your goal is to show that you are a competent professional and no detail could slip from your hawk eye. Therefore, besides the project status, include details about it’s scope, budget and timeline. Hopefully, they are aligned with the expectations. And if not, outline the reason why one or more KPIs were not met. 

Write down all your achievements that you have accomplished apart from the Project Management duties. Maybe you would want to include references from your colleagues or your manager to support the record.

Don’t forget to put on the table your plans for the future fulfillments you are aiming to reach. Remember, we are serious about our promises. Include the dates or periods when you anticipate to earn new skills, complete new projects, bring more value to the company. 

Of course, all the composition should correspond to the position and the salary you are targeting to hit. You are selling yourself now, so include the title and the numbers you are looking for. Now, it is time to create your own assessment report.

What’s next?

Career boost up

I really hope after you have prepared all the relevant details and put them all together, your shot is well-aimed. Once your request has passed the review, you might get an invitation for a self-presentation and for a conversation with the right people in the company. It will be your time to shine, so get prepared in advance, know your advantages precisely and be able to confirm them with facts and numbers.

When you have managed to achieve your aim and you got the promotion you were after, CELEBRATE! Further, you are going to perform, to meet the new expectations and goals. 

Keep recording your achievements and let me know whether these tips helped. What was your experience in asking for a promotion and do you have other hints to share? 

And please share your thought, who are getting requests for a promotion!