Who the Project Managers are?

Do you know who the Project Managers are and what do they do? Do you wish and are you able to become a member of this mysterious tribe? Hop in and read through!

Hey Crizpers, today I would like to proceed with the very basic topic. My thought is about the Project Managers as a tribe. Who the Project Managers are and how is it possible to define if you could become a great member of this community. So, who the Project Managers are and what do they do? Spoiler, you can check a video below the post.

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Project Management Tribe

What a Project is?

In the academic world by PMBOK Guide 6th edition :

“A Project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.”

In regard to the project we should always understand and keep in mind the following:

  • A Project is always TEMPORARY. It must have defined Start and Finish points.
  • A Project is about creating something new, something that is UNIQUE and have not been done before.
  • A Project elaborates progressively. During the time the project lasts and we are getting closer to the endpoint, we are digging deeper and mining more details. Our information about the project becomes more precise.
  • A Project should always bring VALUE to the owner and to the stakeholders. This might be a new product or service that could be sold and bring money to the company. It could be a result that attracts more customers or improves the company reputation.
A Project should bring VALUE

If you are working on the same thing constantly and this ‘same thing’ does not have an exact point of completion or does not bring a significant value as a result, I bet this is not a project.

A popular belief is that maintaining a product which is already live and managing product release cycles is Project Management. Actually, from this perspective, product maintenance and release management are a Product and Operations Management work.

To become a project the undertaken efforts should comply with the requirements above.

Who Project Managers are?

Well, Project Managers are the people who lead projects. They arrange a satisfaction of the projects requirements in order to meet the projects goals: develop something new and deliver value.

Actually, Project Manager is a multifaceted profession. It could be applied to the various fields and industries, should this be IT, or Constructions, or Healthcare, or else.

Project Management methodologies and techniques are generic, cross-functional, multi-applicable.

Project Management Application Map

If you are a great IT or Software PM and some day you would decide to hop in the constructions, all is in your hands. Just keep in mind that Project Management is about GETTING the WORK DONE.

Wanna be one of these guys?

So, what should you dispose if you wish to be a PM?

Apart from the management technical knowledge and the specific background that are required for the field you are going to manage projects in, I would say, you should have a few bells and whistles and some super-powers inside.

  • Get a time machine to keep things organized and to be delivered in a timely manner. As a Project Manager you will be supervising a ton of sequent and simultaneous tasks and procedures.
  • Become multiarmed. You are to masterly juggle the project activities and in most cases these are the activities of multiple projects.
  • Activate your computer-mind to keep all calculation and formulas within to estimate and judge a project plan.
  • Enable your hawk-eye to catch up any relevant details and elaborate them accurately and efficiently.
  • Put a magic ball on your desk. It will help you strategically forecast risks and their probability to occur.
  • Be a good psychologist, flexible and easy-going to get on effectively with all the stakeholders and to gain them satisfied.
  • Be an artist to engage and motivate your team. Or to get a gun out of your pocket if the time comes.
  • Be a bookworm to conduct the accurate analysis of the progress and of the outcome. You and the team should be able to evolve yourselves every sprint and every project to become a powerful engine for the company.

If you know and feel that you can GET the WORK DONE, you may already possess all the necessary skills to kick the action.

Find a chance. Try yourself. Be a PM.

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Go Crizper! 🙂